Buy Handicapped Bathtubs Online


Whether you are disabled or just not comfortable with your regular bathtub, you may need a better plan. The thought of not being able to soak in a warm tub of water for the rest of your life is sad. Life is made up of little pleasures. Through the years we tweek and adjust our routines to suit ourselves. This may be just another tweeking you need to do, or do for a loved one, to assure the comfort remains.

For many older people, disability is a fact of life they have to live with. This disability can make simple things like using a bathtub difficult. They will not be able to get in or out of a bathtub without help. It isn’t safe for them to try to use the bathtub. This can be very frustrating for the person because they have to constantly depend on someone each time they want to take a bath.

But now there is help for them. They can be self-sufficient in this area again. There are special bathtubs for the elderly that can be customized to their individual needs. Before buying a handicapped bathtub for your aged parents, first find out what their needs are. Most of the handicapped bathtubs specially designed for seniors are lined with non-slip tiles. In addition, the bathtubs are bigger in size and also broader. The tubs also will have built-in grab bars and railing which makes easy movement in and out of the tub

  Some of the bathtubs available in the market will have doors for easy entry. This is good for seniors who have limited mobility. However, if the senior is confined to a wheelchair, then you can get a specially designed tub that lets the person enter the tub while being seated. Some tubs also have therapeutic jet steams, handheld showers and other features to make bath-taking an easy task. The modern bathtubs have controls to adjust the water temperature.

Bathtubs for seniors have to conform to the standards prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

One of the more popular types of tubs is the walk-in bathtub. This tub is usually designed to fit in about the same space as a traditional bathtub, but allows the user with mobility issues to step into the tub through a gate-like door. Allowing the user to step into the tub reduces injuries caused by climbing over the wall of a traditional tub. The handicapped bathtub is designed with a seat and handheld shower head for convenient and safe use. The user doesn’t need to lower to the bottom as in a conventional tub. They lower to a seat. After sealing the door with a latch, the bather can relax comfortably and safely and take advantage of optional features like hydrotherapy, temperature control and self-drying features.

There are many other safety accessories for the bathroom.

Check out the medical alert devices for the safety of your older loved ones.